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How It Works
Step 1:

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), also known as Styrofoam, is collected for densification.
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Step 3:

Finely ground EPS enters the hopper.  The hopper has a level switch that starts/stops the densifier depending on how full it is.

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How It Works
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Step 2:

EPS is placed in the grinder for processing.

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Ship up to 45,000 pounds on a 48 ft. trailer

Low cost continuous operation

Automatic or manual control

No banding or wires required

Automatic output density control

Heat-free process with no polymer degradation

Extruded material is small and easy to handle

Relatively small footprint

Step 4:

Foam from the hopper is fed into the densifier and comes out up to 40 times more dense then it went in.  No heat is involved in the process so the foam can be recycled.

Step 5:

Stack the densified blocks in boxes and sell them.  Many companies that purchase densified blocks will even provide you with a trailer.

PolyMax is celebrating its 20th anniversary of building recycling equipment.  Our patented process is exclusively licensed to manufacture in the USA by Matrix Manufacturing (US patent no. 5,505,886).
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