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My PolyMax unit was shipped without oil.  What kind of oil do I use and how much?
We cannot transport units with a flammable substance so they are shipped empty.  All units use ISO 46 unless they have an oil cooler and then they use ISO 32.  Refer to your Owner's Manual for quantities. 
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What type of material will PolyMax densify?
The PolyMax machines are designed to densify Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).  This falls under recycling number 6.  Unfortunately, #6 includes polystyrene that has not been expanded and is more like plastic.  Use only expanded polystyrene. 
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What happens if I try to densify another material such as polyethylene?
If you try to densify polyethylene, it is like squeezing a baloon, it compresses where you squeeze, but expands everywhere else.  It will probably overheat the machine and clog it. We do not recommend this material for densification.
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Ship up to 45,000 pounds on a 48 ft. trailer

Low cost continuous operation

Automatic or manual control

No banding or wires required

Automatic output density control

Heat-free process with no polymer degradation

Extruded material is small and easy to handle

Relatively small footprint

Where can I sell the densified material once I have a truck load?
There are recycling companies throughout the US and Canada that will purchase your densified material (the cleaner the better).  Use the Request a Quote button above to email us for details.
PolyMax is celebrating its 20th anniversary of building recycling equipment.  Our patented process is exclusively licensed to manufacture in the USA by Matrix Manufacturing (US patent no. 5,505,886).
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